Artistic photography

Zdzisław Beksiński was born on 24 February 1929 in Sanok. He finished the secondary and the high school in Sanok, then started studying architecture at Cracow Polytechnic in 1947. After finishing studies in 1952, he had to stay in Cracow then moved to Rzeszów owing to the work warrant. He came back to Sanok in 1955. Beksinski pursues photography in his home town. Preceding many discoveries of European avant-garde he proved to be an independent and innovative creator. The photographic achievements end with the series of photomontages made by means of juxtaposition of different photographs having no tangible connections with each other. He begins to draw a lot living in Rzeszow yet. In Sanok, he creates sculptures and relieves. He cultivates abstraction which dominates over the world art at that time, whereas in Polish art it becomes the strongest reaction against the imposed socrealism.